The Future of Self Care is Here

The Future of Self Care is Here

Bebird N3 Pro

Bebird, the leading brand in visual ear cleaners, has added a new product to its line of highly successful ear cleaning rods. The Bebird N3 Pro is a fresh and innovative revision of our previous models, engineered to exceed customer expectations and reinforce our motto: offer the simplest solution for ear cleaning in the easiest way. We have listened to customer feedback and reworked the design of this model to be even more efficient and user friendly.


How It Works

The N3 pro extracts harmful detritus and wax buildup in the ear canal in a safe and convenient way. By bringing the otoscope into the home, Bebird has revolutionized self care and raised the standard for personal hygiene products. This model has two main functions. On its own, it is a safe and effective pair of soft robotic tweezers. By attaching any of the 12 interchangeable ear spoon caps, it can be transformed into a gentle ear scooper. Both forms are equipped with a visual function, using an otoscope in tandem with the Bebird app to allow the customer a real time view of the cleaning process.


What’s New?

  • Our new non-slip design helps prevent against accidental damage to the ear canal
  • The N3 pro features a variety of 12 ear pick accessories in 4 different colors
  • Our upgraded display allows for a more precise clean
  • An increased battery life makes this model even more convenient than the last with reduced charging time and frequency
  • The N3 ear scoops are more securely fastened to the rod
  • In order to maximize comfort and safety, the customer is able to adjust the degree of the tweezer opening between 3 different sizes to best fit their ear canal
  • 360-degree angle projection makes this product safe for young children
  • The Bebird N3 Pro maintains a temperature close to that of the human body to avoid heat damage
  • The N3 pro is fitted with a high speed wifi chip, providing the highest speed for the app to function the camera display


  • Robotic arm technology: Provides the simplest & safest solution for ear cleaning
  • 3 different sizes: Adjust the degree of the tweezer depending on the size of your ear canal
  • 10 million pixels + 3.7mm lens: Offer more precise cleaning & greater accuracy in ear wax removal
  • High-definition camera: View the smallest details in your ear canal
  • 360° angle detection: Clean your ears precisely in all directions
  • 6-axis smart gyroscope: Detect the slightest movement of the cleaning tweezer
  • Intelligent temperature control: Avoid damage or burn injuries to your ear canal
  • Micro-lens cover: Enlarges the target area for more clarity
  • 300mAh battery capacity: Full 1-hour charge can last for a month
  • Bebird N3 Pro app: Watch while you clean & monitor the battery life
  • High-speed Wi-Fi chip: Easy & smooth setup and auto-connect the product to your phone
  • Anti-slip design: Avoid slippage & ear injury
  • LED light: Convenient & shadowless for clearer cleaning

 The Bebird N3 Pro seamlessly bridges the gap between modern age trends and traditional sensibilities. The sleek design can be appreciated by all ages, and the need for personal hygiene products transcends age, lifestyle, and culture.