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An essential for every makeup or travel bag. Say goodbye to pesky hairs, bad brow days, splinters, and more!


Effectively remove all types of stubborn splinters or thorns wedged in the skin (safe for pets too!)


Groom eyebrows and apply false lashes and other makeup products with enhanced precision


Safely and gently get rid of acne, blackheads, and other problem areas for clearer and smoother skin


Awesome tweezers

Tweezers really grip small things well and battery lasts up to an entire hour!

Brian M

Success with splinter removal

Sure enough it did almost right away when my nephew was visiting and picked up a giant splinter in his hand while at a nearby pier with wooden railings.

Sarah J

Best Tweezers....Ever

Great Tweezers! The first time I used these tweezers I couldn't believe how precise they were. I could enlarge the image on my phone to see the smallest details. Wow.

Jackie P

advanced technology

Sure enough it did almost right away when my nephew was visiting and picked up a giant splinter in his hand while at a nearby pier with wooden railings.

Kevin R

grooming made easy

Our step-by-step tutorial
play tutorial
Long press the power button on your Visual Tweezers to turn it on
Open the Bebird app and connect your tweezers to your device via WiFi
Once connected, you are ready to use your tweezers
Your paired device and tweezers allow you to pluck precisely!

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“…you'll have one less thing to stress about with this handy little wonder tool!”

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“Fumbling around, trying to pluck unwanted hair and splinters is now a thing of the past with Bebird’s revolutionary Visual Tweezer.”

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“The super-clever part is that the Visual Tweezer pairs with your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablet via Wi-Fi to provide you with a large, close-up, view of your tiny unsuspecting target.”

Safe, efficient, and easy to use

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The Visual Tweezers were designed to be effective as “regular tweezers” as well. It features a slanted stainless steel prong with a very sharp and smooth tip for precise and painless plucking. The larger handle also allows for more grip which aids precision.
The Visual Tweezers are popularly used for eyebrow plucking but thanks to the HD camera, LED lights, and device wireless connectivity, it’s really great for plucking in areas that are typically much harder to reach/see such as the underarms and bikini area.
Estheticians, lash technicians, and those in the beauty and wellness industry may find it incredibly useful to clean up remaining stubborn hairs for a spotless surface. The tweezers are also effective for lash application and removal. The HD camera helps magnify surfaces so you can get eyes on that really stubborn blackhead or painful splinter!
We provide free U.S. shipping and returns within 30 days! You should receive your Visual Tweezers within 5-7 days after we process your order. For more information, click HERE.
Make sure your tweezers are charged and the power button is flashing a blue light which means it’s on and ready to pair with your device. Open the app first and click the orange button which will direct you to your WiFi. Select the device Wifi starting with “bebird”. If you don’t see the name of your tweezer, long press the power button to turn it off then repeat to turn it on again. It should now be available in your Wifi menu. Select the device and go back to the app to use your tweezers.
Battery life is 60 minutes and the charge time is 45 minutes. Once your tweezers are connected to your phone, the Bebird app will show your tweezer’s battery life. Charger is included.