Bebird US is a technology-based company integrating R&D, production, and sales, mainly engaged in the development and production of ear cleaning devices. By bringing the otoscope into the home, we have revolutionized self-care and raised the standard for personal hygiene products. We strive to keep our customers satisfied and live by

Our Motto: offer the simplest solution for ear cleaning in the easiest way.


We employ the latest technological advancements to continually improve our products and provide the best possible ear cleaning solution. Each of our ear cleaning devices is fitted with a high definition otoscope to provide a crystal clear image of the ear canal. This image is enhanced by a powerful shadowless LED and an advanced gyroscope, these components work together to ensure that you have the best, most stable view possible. This image is transmitted to your phone through a wifi chip in each device. Pairing is simple! You only need to download the Bebird app and connect your phone to your device’s wifi network. You can even use the app to record video and save images of your ear canal.

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Our mission is to provide a safe and convenient ear cleaning solution, and to continue raising the standard for self care products. We are happy to provide a cost effective alternative to over the counter ear cleaning methods and casual ENT visits, and would like to continue to help those with serious ear issues communicate more effectively with their physicians. At Bebird, we’re here to help.